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CCA Kitchen, Photo: Barclay Goeppner

2014-2015 Fee Schedule
One-Year "Certificate in Culinary Arts"

Item Amount
Enrollment Fee $150
Activity Fee
    (Field Trips, Guest Speakers & Special Events)
Books/Tools/Uniforms $1,250
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Dorm Room, Full Meal Plan & Facilities Fee $4,993
TOTAL COST $16,593
Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy*

Housing/Meals/Facilities Disclaimer*
The housing/meal plan/facilities usage fee is available by a separate agreement directly between the student and Cannon Beach Conference Center (CBCC), and is not a legal agreement between the student and the Christian Culinary Academy (CCA). See "Housing" section of catalog for more information on availability and amenities. Total housing cost must be submitted to CBCC in (at the most) two payments (i.e., one per semester), at the latest 15 days prior to each semester. Due to the inability of CBCC to resell the room if a student exits the program, the housing/facilities fee is non-refundable. Housing is available while student is at school only, not on internship. (*) Single Occupancy dormitory rooms are subject to availability. Students will pay CBCC directly for these services.

Terms of Payment
Tuition payment plans are not available at this time through CCA. Prospective students are welcome to contact us for suggestions on how to do their own fund-raising. Payment is required in full on, or before, the due dates stated below:

  • Enrollment fee, activity fee, supply costs, and a $500 tuition deposit are due within 30 days of acceptance letter
  • By or on the first day of class, $4,225 of tuition is due ($4,725 minus above deposit)
  • By or on the first day of class week 16, $4,725 of tuition is due
  • See housing information above for separate housing terms of payment

There are currently no in-house scholarships available. We are praying that in the near future we will be able to offer this service, but at the time being we have no in-house means of financial assistance. We do however offer financial counseling to assist students in raising their own support.

Grants & Loans
As a career school licensed by the Oregon Department of Education, students may qualify for bank loans in our program. Because CCA is not an accredited 2-year degree granting school, students at CCA do not qualify for FAFSA federally subsidized grants or loans.

For more information, or if you have further questions, please Contact Us to obtain a school catalog, and application.

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