Author: George Moser, CCF Member
Yield: 200 size hotel pan - about 40 pieces

(two 9 by 13 inch pans / 23 by 33cm pans)

Here is a good recipe for baklava and it is easy.

16 sheets Phyllo Dough
Walnuts, chopped (but not too finely)

For Syrup:
Orange Juice
Zest of 2 Oranges
touch of Cinnamon and Nutmeg

1. Get a pan well buttered and start layering phyllo dough with each layer butter until you have about 8 layers.
2. Add a layer of chopped walnuts.
3. Layer more phyllo on top as you have done the bottom 8 layers.
4. Cut it diagonally the whole way through. (Cutting it before cooking is the trick to making it.)
5. Cook it in a 300'F (149'C) oven until it has crisped up and you smell the walnuts.
6. While this is in the oven, add all the syrup ingredients together in a pot to make a medium syrup.
7. When you remove the baklava, let it cool a little then pour syrup over and let set, just enough to be absorbed into the baklava.
8. Since you cut it first, it is ready to serve.

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